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Austin Thompson

Raleigh shooter Austin Thompson: age, brother, photo, parents, & charges

The night on October 13, 2022, saw a tragic incident in Raleigh, North Carolina. The police identified a white-male juvenile,…

Jaime Adler

Who is Jaime Adler? bio, net worth, & boyfriend

Jaime Adler is a British actress who rose to prominence, portraying the role of Olga Romanov in the 2020 movie…

Eugenio Mastrandrea

Netflix’s ‘From Scratch’ actor Eugenio Mastrandrea: bio, early life & agency

Eugenio Mastrandrea is an Italian actor who climbed his way to Hollywood stardom from Netflix’s From Scratch. Since beginning his…

Alix West Lefler

Alix West Lefler bio: age, parents, birthday, movies, and tv shows

Alix West Lefler is a notable child Canadian actress who portrays the role of Arial in the movie Fishing for…

Devyn McDowell

Devyn McDowell bio: birthday, parents, and movies

Devyn McDowell is an American child actress who portrayed the role of Annette in Prison in the movie Annette alongside…

Lauren Buglioli

Lauren Buglioli bio: age, birthday, movies, & husband

Lauren Buglioli is an American actress who is notable for her role as Stacey in the movie Secrets on Sorority…

Sydney Carlson

Sydney Carlson bio: age, height, boyfriend, & parents

Sydney Carlson is a social media star who rose to prominence due to her YouTube vlogs, where she shares lifestyle…

James Majoos

James Majoos non-binary actor: bio, age, height, & talent agent

James Majoos is an Australian non-binary actor who debuted in Hollywood with their role as Darren on Netflix’s reboot of…

Ayesha Madon

Ayesha Madon bio: height, high school, boyfriend, & family

Ayesha Madon is an Australian actress who plays Armie on Netflix’s reboot of the Australian series Heartbreak High. She appears…