Popular Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade Reveals Cancer | Face Reveal, & Net Worth In 2022

Technoblade face reveal

Technoblade has finally revealed the reason behind his recent hiatus from YouTube. He was absent from the platform since he last posted on June 22.

He shared a video titled “where i’ve been” on August 28, disclosing that he was on a break due to a cancer diagnosis. During late June, he felt pain in his right arm and took a recovery break.

Initially, he thought his soreness was due to playing too many games. But after he had a swelling in his right arm, the YouTuber visited his doctor on August 2.

Fortunately, the cancer was detected early by his doctors after running several scans. Recalling the incident in his video, he said:

“The first couple days were actually pretty chill. I was like, dang this is easy bro, and then it kicked in and my energy levels were zero. They were absolutely nothing. It is hard to describe how tired I was.”

Nonetheless, despite his illness, Technoblade currently seems to be in a high spirit. He is battling his cancer and is focused on getting chemotherapy treatment.

Since the announcement, he has been receiving broad support from his fans and followers. #Technosupport trended on Twitter, where his supporters wished him a speedy recovery.

Later, in the video, he also urged his fans to receive the COVID-19 vaccine and continue wearing masks taking necessary precautions against the coronavirus.

Who Is Technoblade?

Technoblade is an American YouTuber known for his video gaming-related content on YouTube. He mainly shares the videos on Hypixel, which is based on a Minecraft minigame server.

Since starting his YouTube channel back in 2013, Technoblade has grabbed more than 8.6 million subscribers on YouTube. He is also popular on Twitter, with more than 2.8 million followers as of August 2021.

Before being a YouTuber, he was a high school student in California. After completing high school, he moved to Chicago for a college degree. Eventually, he dropped out his college and relocate to San Francisco, where he currently resides.

In the online community, the popular Minecraft content creator is also known as TechnoThePig. His real name is Dace.

Born in California on June 1, 1999, the 22-years-old YouTuber has three younger sisters and a brother in his family. His height is 6 feet and 3 inches.

Technoblade Face Reveal

Technoblade surprised his fans when he revealed his face for the very first time in 2017. While he often hides beside his pig mask, he unveiled his face momentarily after conquering the dungeon in Minecraft.

The popular Minecraft YouTuber beat the hard challenge in Minecraft with a steering wheel. He then surprised his fans by providing a glance of his face to his 100 thousand subscribers.

Technobalde Net Worth In 2022

Technoblade is said to have an estimated net worth of around $3.18 million as of 2022. While most of his earnings are from his YouTube channel, he has made quite fortunes participating in video game competitions.

He won $50 thousand prizes beating the 1v1 duel against Dream in a Minecraft Tournament held by Mr. Beast in August 2020. While the contest was for $100 thousand, he and Dream agreed to split the prize money beforehand.

Besides MrBeast, Technoblade has collaborated on YouTube videos with several personalities like PewDiePie, CaptainSparklez, Keemstar, and more.

As for YouTube, Socialblade estimates his monthly earnings between $3 thousand to $50 thousand as of May 2022.

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