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One Piece straw hat pirates bounties

One Piece: Straw Hat Pirates Bounties Post Wano

The most-anticipated Straw Hat Pirates bounties have finally been revealed. In the post-Wano arc, the total bounties of the Straw…

One Piece Yonko

One Piece: Yonko And Their Bounties Post Wano (Updated)

Yonko, dubbed the Four Emperors, is considered the most powerful pirate captain of the One Piece universe. They have strong…

Hunter x Hunter Return

Hunter x Hunter Manga Return: Next Chapter Release Date

Yoshihiro Togashi, the author of Hunter x Hunter on fire. He is starting the next ten chapters of the critically…

Berserk Manga To Continue With Kouji Mori Taking Kentaro Miura's Legacy

Berserk Manga To Continue With Kouji Mori Taking Kentaro Miura’s Legacy

A great day for Berserk fans out there. The manga will continue to tell the story illustrated by Kentaro Miura….

One Piece break Wano Arc

One Piece Manga Will Be On Break After Wano Arc: When Will The Next Arc Resume?

It seems like the critically acclaimed manga One Piece will be on a break. And it’s for a good cause….