The Activist Stance And Animal Rights In China

Animal Rights in China

Animal rights in China are a bit awkward. Many deem animals and livestock as part of their curriculum and daily lives, whereas the rest consider those animals a delicacy part. They even point out these canines are being slaughtered humanely. As they recall, ‘eating canine is the same as eating pork or beef.’

Animal rights activists and campaigners, nonetheless, guarantee that these animals were dealt with savagely. The activists have claimed that canines are also deliberately tormented or bubbled alive to improve their meat’s flavor.

Chinese Are Aware Of Animal Rights

One of the major obstacles in China regarding animal rights is the Yulin Festival, also known as The Lychee and Dog Meat Festival.

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By far, most individuals from China don’t eat canine meat and desire to perceive the Yulin festival to come to an end for the sake of animal government assistance and sanitation. They are working profoundly to stop the slaughterhouses and butchering of these animals and to secure that those animals must get the rights they deserve.

The part these animals using for the festival is just insane. The majority of these animals slaughtered and eaten range with minimum capacity but exceed a vast number ranging to 10,000.

Protecting The Animal Rights

Donating to raise for these animals, being aware of the surroundings, volunteering, joining an organization that tends to save these animals, or signing petitions can lead to a massive difference in reducing Yulin’s festivities. If there are no dogs or cats that can be used for Yulin, then the festival will not occur in the first place.

Police enforcers must imply strict roadblock management by checking the trucks that carry these animals. They must imply strict regulations and provide strict judgment upon these poachers who tried to kidnap or sell these animals.

Using these implementations that carry out some profound measures, the risk of these animals suffering cruelty can be stopped. Enforcing strict rules such as catching the poachers or taking good care of domestic or stray dogs and cats is one way to handle these situations.

The foremost and essential is that dogs and cats are not just some edible dishes, but they are companions. They protect our homes and are loyal. Most of all, they are close companions who never leave us or forget us. It’s up to us not to hinder their rights.

Activist Stance On Animal Rights

Many activists are fighting and protesting at the same time to stop the Yulin festival and for animal rights. One of them was Du Yufeng, the Bo Ai Animal Protection Center founder in China’s Sichuan Province. She has been fighting against the Yulin festival since 2012.

To ban the Yulin festival, she visited the Public Complaints and Proposals Administration of Guangxi Province every year. She also went to the other members who share the same approach for stopping the festival. They handed over a petition demanding the provincial government ban the slaughter of pets for the sake of these animals and food safety.

Another one is Claire Bass, leader head of Humane Society International UK. She said that the time had arrived to stop this ruthless custom that used these animals. She also stated that the canine meat exchange in China was above wrongdoing and pitilessness.

Petition to ban Yulin Festival
A hierarchy of activists stands to ban the Yulin Festival and the stance of the Chinese government

These activists are only a few examples.

Throughout the year, many people are offering their help to stop the Yulin festival from happening. The Chinese government is also taking more robust measures to hasten the end of the meat trade. They are protecting the dogs and cats from being kidnapped by trade slavers.

And the positive responses finally came. In April 2020, the towns of Shenzhen and Zhuhai were the first in China to ban the consumption of canine meat authoritatively.

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