Darkthrone Announces New Album ‘It Beckons Us All’ : Release Date & Tracklist

Darkthrone It Beckons Us All Release Date

Darkthrone will release their 21st studio album ‘It Beckons Us All,’ the Norwegian black metal band made an announcement on Instagram. The brand new album consisting of seven tracks were recorded in April and May 2023 at Chaka Khans Studio in Oslo.

The band also recorded their previous album Astral Fortress in 2022 at Chaka Studios.

Here’s more to know about Darkthrone’s album ‘It Beckons Us All’ release date, trailer, and tracklists.

Darkthrone New Album Release Date

Darkthrone’s new album ‘It Beckons Us All’ is scheduled to release on April 26, 2024. The full-length record is the 21st album of the Norwegian legend. Peaceville Records, the record label behind the band is the distributor for this new album.

Earlier on YouTube, Peaceville Records shared the trailer for ‘It Beckons Us All.’ The record label announced that it will release a deluxe special edition box set for the album. The exclusive Corona colored vinyl CD and an exclusive cassette tape for the album is also available via Peaceville Records. You can watch the trailer below:

The pre-orders for the album started today on March 14, 2024.

Fenriz Interview Regarding ‘It Beckons Us All’

In the announcement of Darkthrone’s new album It Beckons Us All, Fenriz said his Darkthrone counterpart Nocturno Culto was satisfied by the mixing of the recording.

Darkthrone Fenriz announcing his new album 'It Beckons Us All'
Darkthrone’s Fenriz announcing his new album ‘It Beckons Us All’ (Credit: Facebook/Darkthrone)

The Norwegian musician said,

“Fenriz here, We have a new album out with Darkthrone called ‘It Beckons Us All.’ If you have a need to know anything about the title, check out ‘Children of The Damned’ by Iron Maiden.”

Fenriz further continued:

“For this album, when we were done recording it and mixing it, Ted actually shook my hand afterwards because he was so pleased and I’ve think we’ve ever shook hands since I met him for the first tine in spring 88 so that says it.”

‘It Beckons Us All’ Tracklist

Darkthone’s new album ‘It Beckons Us All’ consists of seven tracklists. The name and duration of the tracks are as follows:

1) Howling Primitive Colonies (6 minutes 30 seconds)

2) Eon 3 (5 minutes 43 seconds)

3) Black Dawn Affiliation (6 minutes 11 seconds)

4) And in That Moment I Knew the Answer (3 minutes 17 seconds)

5) The Bird People of Nordland (7 minutes 27 seconds)

6) The Heavy Hand (4 minutes 18 seconds)

7) The Lone Pines of the Lost Planet (10 minutes 3 seconds)

The total duration for Darkthrone’s 21st studio album ‘It Beckons Us All’ is 43 minutes 29 seconds.

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