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Spider Jump Mechanics

Study Of Jumping Mechanics Of Spider Applied To The Advancement Of Robotics

Spiders, despite being a quiet eight-legged creatures, these arachnid species stalk their prey and thrust them with a jump attack….

Organic Farming

Organic Farming: Benefits, Requirements, & Practices

“Allow nature to do what it does the best,” Organic farming is based on this straightforward principle. As a response…

Living Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Living An Eco-Friendly Lifestyle With Eco-Friendly Products

With growing concerns and rising eco-consciousness among the people over the global environment, the term ‘eco-friendly’ has been trending in…

Animal Rights in China

The Activist Stance And Animal Rights In China

Animal rights in China are a bit awkward. Many deem animals and livestock as part of their curriculum and daily…

Philosophy and path to discovering the meaning of life

The Philosophy And Path To Discovering The Meaning Of Life

There was a time when metaphysics was considered the queen of all science, and those metaphysical questions carried an in-depth…

Derek Sivers How to start a movement

TED Talk By Derek Sivers, How To Start A Movement Raises Several Questions Regarding Leadership

If you have yet to see the footage of Derek Sivers ‘How to Start a Movement,’ the TED talk displays…

Justin Trudeau Leadership Assessment

Leadership Assessment of Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Leadership didn’t happen overnight. Jean-Jacques Rousseau highlights in his 1972 book The Social Contract – authority comes from people who agreed for…

Justin Trudeau Leadership Style

Evaluating Justin Trudeau’s Leadership Style In Canada

Leaders are the masters who transform their vision into reality. What strikes the leader is their superiority of the judgment…

Conflict Management

What Is Conflict Management? How To Resolve Conflict? Stage Of Conflict Process

Conflicts, when ignored, will remain with us until we solve them. Staying calm in a dire situation and listening carefully…