Darkthrone Announces New Album ‘Astral Fortress’: Release Date & Tracklist

Darkthrone Astral Fortress

Norwegian black metal band Darkthrone will release their new album Astral Fortress. Following their previous album, Eternal Hails…… release, the announcement of the new album came a year later.

On September 7, 2022, Darkthrone took their Instagram to announce their new album. The band wrote, “ASTRAL FORTRESS – the next chapter in the Darkthrone story has been written.”

See below for more details regarding Darkthrone’s upcoming album, Astral Fortress.

Release Date And Trailer

Distributed via Peaceville Records, October 28, 2022, is the release date for Darkthrone’s latest album, Astral Fortress. The pre-orders for the album will be available starting September 8 at 4 A.M. (USA time).

You can watch the new studio album trailer below:

The album Astral Fortress was recorded at Chaka Khan Studios in Norway, Oslo. It is the same location where Darkthrone recorded their previous album, Eternal Hails……

The latest album resonates with an atmospheric touch, with Darkthrone staying original to its primitive and organic sound. Fenriz and Nocturno Culto will undoubtedly deliver the cold riffs and perfect atmosphere cemented through their aesthetics.

Fenriz Interview Regarding’ Astral Fortress

He describes the new album as ‘an epic journey of old metal.’ The Norwegian musician said, “As usual, Ted makes music by playing himself and riffs just come to me. I think since 2016’s Arctic Thunder, we have mostly been inspired by our own back catalog.”

He added, “I can hear many of my riffs eventually sounding like a plethora of bands but this seldom seems to correlate with what others hear.

According to Fenriz, the lyrics for the Astral Fortress album is darker than ever. He described, “As you’ll know by now I never talk about the lyrics or the inspiration behind them and I would never want any lyrics that I like of others to be explained to me but I will tell you this, it is darker than ever, it is seething with hell.”

Astral Fortress’ Tracklist

There is a total of seven tracks for the album Astral Fortress. The tracklist and duration of the songs for the new album are as follows:

1. Caravan Of Broken Ghosts (7 minutes 53 seconds)

2. Impeccable Caverns Of Satan (5 minutes 34 seconds)

3. Stalagmite Necklace (5 minutes 22 seconds)

4. The Sea Beneath The Seas Of The Sea (10 minutes 10 seconds)

5. Kevorkian Times (4 minutes 27 seconds)

6. Kolbotn, West Of The Vast Forests (1 minute 54 seconds)

7. Eon 2 (4 minutes 40 seconds)

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