Finn Wolfhard ‘Stranger Things’ Cast Member Girlfriend, Net Worth, & Height

Finn Wolfhard

The fourth season of Netflix’s Stranger Things saw a reprise of Finn Wolfhard in his role as Mike Wheeler. The Canadian actor is one of the series’ main characters who act as the main group of kids.

Wolfhard also has several credits in movies and TV shows such as Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Duncanville, and JJ Villiard’s Fairy Tales.

Let’s explore his girlfriend, net worth, and height.

Who Is Finn Wolfhard’s Girlfriend?

Finn Wolfhard is reportedly in a relationship with Elsie Ritcher, an actress known for portraying April on the British comedy series Doll & Em. He and his girlfriend were first spotted on Instagram in June 2021.

Finn Wolfhard and his girlfriend Elsie Ritcher
Finn Wolfhard and his girlfriend, Elsie Ritcher (Source: Archived from Finn Wolfhard’s Instagram)

But here’s the catch.

Wolfhard, who remains secretive when it comes to his personal life, felt blackmailed to reveal his relationship status. According to, he was threatened to confirm his dating life with Elsie. It resulted in him posting their photos on social media.

As for now, Wolfhard and Elsie are both private and haven’t confirmed their relationship publicly.

He Was Rumored To Be Dating Millie Bobby Brown

The chemistry between Finn Wolfhard and Millie Bobby Brown on Netflix’s Stranger Things was so much fascinating that there were rumors of them dating.

She plays the role of his on-screen girlfriend, which leads several fans to ship them together. But behind the screen, the duo is friends and is not in a relationship.

Wolfhard has already confirmed that no romance is brewing between him and Millie Bobby Brown.

How Much Is Finn Wolfhard’s Net Worth?

Finn Wolfhard has a net worth of $4 million as a Canadian actor. According to, he receives a hefty salary of $250 thousand per episode as the main character of Netflix’s Stranger Things.

He began his acting career with the TV series The 100 playing the role of Zoran in 2014. After landing in some music videos and TV shows, he auditioned for the role on Netflix’s Stranger Things in 2016. Soon he gained notoriety and played a lead character in the film adaption of Steven Kid’s novel It (2017).

He starred in It Chapter Two in 2019, reprising his role as young Richie Tozier. He then went on to feature as a player on Netflix’s Carmen Sandiego.

Apart from his acting career, Wolfhard is a musician. He was a lead vocalist and guitarist of the Canadian indie-rock band Calpurnia. The four-person band released an EP titled Scout on June 15, 2018. Unfortunately, they dissolved on November 8, 2019.

How Tall Is Finn Wolfhard In 2022?

Finn Wolfhard’s current height is 5 feet and 10½ inches (1.79 m) as of 2022. The 19-years-old actor, who measured his height in November 2020, says he is almost 5′ 11″ tall.

Based on the previous records, he has grown tall by 2½ inches. According to the reports, he was 5 feet and 8 inches tall when he starred on Netflix’s Strangers Things back in 2016.

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