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Larry Nassar Daughter Katelyn Nassar

A physician turned convicted rapist, Larry Nassar, is the most disgusted sex offender who assaulted hundreds of children and women. Due to his criminal offenses, the life of his own daughter Katelyn Nassar has been in turmoil.

Larry began sexually abusing his victims in late 1990. The former MSU doctor brought shame towards his family and his daughter Katelyn beginning his abuse at their house in Holt, Michigan.

Here are the things to know about Larry Nassar’s daughter, Katelyn Nassar.

Who Is Katelyn Nassar? Biography

Date of birthTBC
BirthplaceHolt, Michigan, United States
ParentsLarry Nassar (Father)
Stephanie Nassar (Mother)
GrandparentsMary and Fred Nassar
SiblingsRyan Nassar (Brother)
Caroline Nassar (Sister)

Katelyn Nassar is one of the three kids of her parents, Larry and Stephanie Nassar. She has two siblings, a brother, Ryan Nassar, and a sister, Caroline Nassar.

Her father, Larry, was a doctor for the United States Women’s national gymnastics team for 18 years. He married Katelyn’s mom, Stephanie Nassar, in October 1996. The duo finalized their divorce in July 2017.

Larry pleaded guilty to ten counts of sexual assault of minors and was sentenced to 175 years in Michigan State prison, per BBC.

Hundreds of Larry’s victims were expected to provide testimony at the Michigan court during the four-day sentencing hearing, reports The Sun. However, neither Katelyn nor her family was presented at the court during his hearing and sentences.

Her mother, Stephani, a graduate of the University of Detroit, is a pediatric physician’s assistant in Lansing, Michigan. She was also named in a federal lawsuit against MSU by one of Larry’s victims, Alaina Bamfield.

According to FOX47, Bamfield claimed she was referred to Nassar by his then-wife, Stephaine.

Katelyn Nassar’s Mother Gained Parental Rights In 2017

After two decades of Larry Nassar’s sexual abuse, it was not until 2015 that his pathetic behavior came to the limelight. His wife, Stephanie Nassar, filed for divorce in January 2017 at Ingham County Circuit Court.

During the hearings in June 2017, one of Larry’s attorneys, Shannon Smith, said the state’s petition didn’t contain the charges of his alleged abuse against his three kids, including Katelyn. But, the chief attorney authorized the petition citing there ‘could be a risk to the children in the future,’ per LANSING.

The state then terminated Larry’s parental rights. The state granted a divorce and gave full custody of Katelyn and her siblings, Ryan and Caroline, to their mother, Stephanie.

She Was Born In Michigan

Katelyn Nassar was born in Holt, Michigan, where Larry resided during his December 2016 arrest. Her grandparents Mary and Fred Nassar are of Lebanese descent, and she has an uncle named Mike Nassar.

She prefers to keep herself out of the limelight regarding her social media presence. Even so, the details regarding her early life are yet under scrutiny.

As for now, it seems like Katelyn prefers to stay low-key, hidden away from the public eye.

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