Lexi Rivera: Interesting Facts About The Social Media Star

Lexi Rivera

If you have been following Lexi Rivera, you might know her as an influential social media star. She often shows her gymnast skills to more than 7.5 million followers on her Instagram.

Her YouTube channel has over 6.5 million subscribers, where she shares challenges, pranks, and comedic videos.

Today we present you some of the interesting facts regarding Lexi Rivera.

She Is A Trained Gymnast As Well As Social Media Icon

It came as no surprise that Lexi is well-established on social media platforms. But what’s more fascinating is her gymnast skills.

Ever since her childhood, she carried out gymnastics along with yoga and workout at home. She performs cardio exercises and works out on her ribs, performing leg stretches and deep meditation.

The 22-years-old social media star often shows her flexibility on her YouTube channel that goes by the name Alexa Rivera.

She also took part in gymnastics in her school and even secured first place at the inter-school competition.

You can connect with Lexi via her Instagram handle, @lexibrookerivera.

Two Of Her Brothers Are Social Media Star

Lexi has three older brothers, among which two have established themselves on the social media platform.

Lexi Rivera with her three brothers
Lexi Rivera with her three brothers Brent, Brice, and Blake Rivera (Source: Instagram/Lexi Rivera)

Her brother Brent Rivera is a YouTuber and Instagram star who often shares comedic videos and vlogs. He has more than 21.5 million followers on Instagram alone, and his YouTube channel has more than 16.5 million subscribers.

You can find Brent Rivera on his Instagram handle @brentrivera, while his YouTube channel is Brent Rivera.

Lexi’s brother Brice Rivera is also a social media star of his own rights. Though not popular as his siblings, he holds over 250 thousand followers on Instagram and has more than 35K subscribers on his YouTube.

Brice goes by @bricerivera on Instagram and uploads videos on his self-titled YouTube channel, Brice Rivera.

Meanwhile, Lexi’s brother Blake Rivera is a hockey player who played for Long Beach State University. He even participated with the Jr. Ducks hockey team for a national championship.

She Has A Considerable Net Worth

It is estimated that Lexi Rivera has a net worth of $4.5 million as of 2021. The majority of her earnings are thanks due to her digital presence on social media platforms.

The 22-years-old YouTube star earns up to $12.5 thousand to $200 thousand per month from YouTube alone, Socialblade estimates.

One of her videos, titled I’m PREGNANT!?, boasts 33 million views while several videos are popular and have crossed 10 million views.

Initially, she became famous on Instagram and expanded her notoriety through YouTube.

She Was Dating Ben Azelart

Lexi and fellow YouTube content creator Ben Azelart were once a ‘hot couple.’ They started dating in 2018 and went through several on-and-off relationships.

After being together for almost two years, Lexi posted a video titled ‘We Broke Up’ in November 2020. She and Ben revealed that they have parted ways mutually and thanked their fans for the endless support.

While Lexi and her ex-boyfriend Ben explained the reason behind their breakup was to be independent, they promised to remain on good terms.

Andrew Davila Was Rumored To Be Her New Boyfriend

After Ben, she was rumored to be dating social media influence, Andrew Davila. They have often collaborated on TikTok and YouTube.

While neither officially confirmed their relationship status, she posted a video titled ‘MY EX MEETS MY NEW BOYFRIEND’ in December 2020, pranking Ben into thinking Andrew was her new boyfriend.

Nonetheless, she clearly explained that Andrew is her close friend. From the looks of it, it is safe to assume that no romance is brewing between them.

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