‘Paper Girls’ Actress Sofia Rosinsky: Age, Parents, & Net Worth

Sofia Rosinsky

In the upcoming science-fiction drama Paper Girls, Sofia Rosinsky lands the role of Mac Coyle, a working-class Catholic girl. In the Amazon Studios-produced series, her character as Mac is the first paper boy who isn’t a boy in Sony Stream.

Sofia stars alongside her co-stars Fina Strazza, Riley Lai Nelet, and Camryn Jones. The comic book series will release on July 29, 2022, on Amazon Prime.

The young actress is also known for playing Zora Morris on Disney’s mini-series Fast Layne.

Who Is Sofia Rosinsky? Age, Height

Sofia Rosinsky is an American actress who plays Mac Coyle on Amazon Prime’s Paper Girls. Besides acting, she enjoys playing music and is interested in European folk musicians. She is an avid drummer and can play piano and string instruments.

Amazon Prime's Paper Girls
Sofia Rosinsky will play Mac Coyle on the Amazon series ‘Paper Girls’ (Credit: Amazon Prime/Paper Girls)

She was born in Los Angeles, California, in 2006, and her birthday is on June 10. Her nickname is Fizursky. The 16-years-old actress is proficient with Maori Poi Balls and is a level 2 competition fencer.

Talking about her height, Sofia stands 5 feet 3 inches (1.6 m) tall. Her ethnicity is white, and she has an American nationality.

Her Parents Are In Entertainment Sectors

Sofia was born to her parents, Anatoly Rosinsky and Louise Middleton. Both her parents are in the entertainment sector.

Her father, Anatoly, is a musician who plays the violin. Meanwhile, her mother, Louise, is an actress and director who taught her daughters about acting.

In the family, she has an older sister Alexis Rosinsky, who is an actress and director. The siblings’ duo was born two years apart. Alexis has won several awards for acting, including Best Shorts Competition, HIMPFF Award, and Silver Award.

She and Her Sister Have Produced Several Short Films

Sofia and her sister Alexis Rosinsky have formed a film production company StellaLuna Films, producing several short films. The siblings’ duo is an executive producer of short movies like Faery, Poker-Face, Snap!, By The Sea, and Don’t Run.

Sofia and her sister Alexis Rosinsky
Sofia and her sister Alexis Rosinsky (Credit: Instagram/Sofia Rosinsky)

She is an associate producer of the short film Nowhere to Go (2020) and has produced the short video Fall in Love Again in 2020. Currently, the sisters are in pre-production of their first feature film Nightley Isle. They are also filming the short movie Who Is Pepi Mildred?, and their short flick, The Open Window, is in the post-production phase.

She and her sister split their time between Los Angeles and the UK. They are garnering knowledge in the film industry and hope to live and work in Europe.

Net Worth, Movies, and TV Shows

Sofia Rosinsky has an estimated net worth of $1 million as an American actress.

She began her TV career at the young age of six, playing the role of flower girl in the short movie C’est magigue! in 2012. She then appeared in the TV Movie Bloodline in 2013, portraying the role of Bird.

Her other credits include Family Fortune, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, and My Best Friend. Rosinsky has won several awards for acting roles, including Young Artist Awards and Young Entertainment Awards.

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