Spy x Family: Moments Where Loid Forger (Twilight) Failed His Spy Work

Spy x Family Loid Forger

It’s no secret that Loid Forger is a splendid spy in the widely acclaimed anime series Spy x Spy. For the sake of his country, he remains an undercover spy acting with the codename ‘Twilight.’ He even had a fake marriage with Yor Forger and adopted a daughter named Anya Forger.

While Loid remains dedicated to completing his mission, there are several moments in the series when he fails to do his work as a spy.

Let’s take a brief look.

Does Not Know His Daughter Anya Is A Psychic

Prior to adopting Anya, Loid had a cold demeanor and did whatever it took to complete his missions. But when Anya was kidnapped, he marched into the enemy territory, risking his identity as a spy.

Loid rescues his daughter Anya Forger
Loid rescues his daughter Anya Forger

Even after discovering that Anya was adopted and returned four times, he did not check much into her background. While doing so, Loid failed in his spy works to find out the fact that his adoptive daughter is a psychic who was once experimented on by an unknown organization.

Failed To Investigate His Wife Properly

Loid married Yor Forger to fulfill their individual goals. Little did he knows about his wife’s true identity as a Thorn Princess, an assassin. He continues to see Yor as an ordinary clerk who works at the Berlint City Hall.

Loid fails to see his wife Yor Forger is an assassin
Loid fails to see his wife Yor Forger is an assassin

When he checked the women’s record with Franky Franklin, he found that Yor was a civil servant with a clean background. While he initially suspected her, he empathizes and marries Yor failing to investigate his wife further.

Lowering His Guard Around Yor

Loid shows visible emotions and seems to lower his guard whenever he is around Yor. Despite being with numerous women in the past for the missions, he blushed when asked to kiss her. He even displayed a fury when Murdoch Swan verbally abused her during the interview at Eden Academy, endangering his spy work mission.

Later in the series, he seems to trust his wife and even feels guilty for doubting her. In Episode 9, Loid felt suspective of Yor due to her brother Yuri Briar being a secret police officer. To remain cautious, he planted a bug around her collar.

Loid plants a bug at his wife's collar
Loid plants a bug at his wife’s collar

He and Franky, who both hide their identity as secret police officers, questioned her about Barnes. After he warns Yor about hurting her family, she becomes determined to beat him up. Loid then deemed her charges a mistake and even removed her collar’s bug.

Obstacle In Operation Strix

As a part of Operation Strix, Loid, aka Twilight’s target, is the head of the national unity party, Donavon Desmond. He even adopted Anya and married Yor, making them feel like a typical family where their daughter attends the prestigious Eden Academy.

To reach the close of Donavon, he improvised a Friendship Scheme where Anya had to be friends with Donavon’s son Damian Desmond. But after Anya defied Damian’s face, Loid’s plans were ruined.

Loid's friendship scheme to reach the close of Donavon Desmond
Loid’s friendship scheme to reach the close of Donavon Desmond

To some extent, Loid became hopeful that his daughter would build a strong relationship with Damian after her apology. But to his dismay, he failed to see through Damian, who had a feeling toward Anya. He thought that Damian had rejected her apology, thus bringing an obstacle to his Operation Strix mission.

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