Trigun Stampede: Release Date, Trailer, Key Visual, Cast, & Staff

Trigun Stampede

During the Anime Expo 2022, a new Trigun anime series Trigun Stampede was revealed by TOHO and CG Studio Orange. The classic manga franchise reboot anime series introduced the protagonist Vash the Stampede’s new looks.

Along with that, the Trigun panel introduced the key visual, release date, cast, and staff for Trigun Stampede.

Here are all the things we know so far about this upcoming anime franchise.

When Is The Release Date Of Trigun Stampede?

As far as the release date of Trigun Stampede is concerned, there is no concrete date. However, the classic anime franchise is scheduled to release somewhere around 2023.

Studio Orange will be in charge of the production of the upcoming reboot. Meanwhile, Crunchyroll will broadcast the anime all across the world.

The original Trigun anime series consisting of 26 episodes, follows Vash the Stampede with a double $$60 billion bounties on his head.

The sci-fi blockbuster anime originally aired on TV Tokyo from April 1 to September 30, 1998. The original series is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.

Trailer Of Trigun Stampede

TOHO animation unveiled the first trailer of Trigun Stampede on July 3, 2022. It showcased the high-quality CG animation produced by Studio Orange with the new looks of our protagonist Vash the Stampede.

You can watch the first PV/trailer of Trigun Stampede below:

The first trailer shows young Vash, his young twin brother Million Knives, and their primary guardian and caretaker, Rem Saverem. She sacrifices herself trying to save both young Vash and young Knives on escape pods declaring that she likes them both.

Key Visual Of Trigun Stampede

The official Twitter of Trigun Stampede revealed the key visual. It gives an insight into Vash the Stampede, where he is hanged on the rope and reaches out for his gun.

The poster teases ‘HUMANOID TYPHOON IS COMING!!!!!’ with the release date ‘2023 LOCK’N LOAD.’ You can see the key visual below:

Trigun Stampede Key Visual
Trigun Stampede Key Visual (Credit: Twitter/Trigun Stampede)

The teaser visual also unveiled a new speculator-wanted poster of Vash, as seen in the trailer. You can see the key visual for his new bounty poster below.

Vash the Stampede's new wanted poster
Vash the Stampede’s new wanted poster (Credit: Twitter/Trigun Stampede)

His new wanted poster with $$6,000,000 was revealed with a teaser a ‘Disaster warning! The Humanoid Typhoon is coming!’

Cast Members, Staff, And Characters Of Trigun Stampede

The cast members and staff of Trigun Stampede are as follows:

Trigun StampedeCast and Staff
Created ByYasuhiro Nightwo
Directed ByKenji Muto
Character ConceptKouji Tajima
Animation ProductionStudio Orange

The Japanese voice actors and characters for Trigun Stampede are as follows:

Cast MembersCharacters
Yoshitsugu MatsuokaVash the Stampede
Tomoyo KurosawaYoung Vash
Junya IkedaKnives Millions
Yumiri HanamoriYoung Knives
Maaya SakamotoRem Saverem

Satoshi Nishimura was the director of the original anime series Trigun. Takahiro Yoshimatsu was a character designer while Madhouse produced the anime series.

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