Who Is Adrianah Lee? Crazyslick Sexual Assault Resurface While Mizkif Is Accused Of Coverup

Adrianah Lee
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Twitch has become heated with the ban on gambling content, and the community has found itself in shamble after allegations of sexual assault resurface on the platform.

Adrianah Lee, who accused Crazyslick of sexual assault in January 2020, claimed Mizkif and his girlfriend Maya Higa downplayed the situation. She said that the duo diluted her sexual assault accusations.

During her live stream on September 19, she thanked Trainwreck for bringing the incident back. Trainwreck, who became supportive of Lee, took his Twitter, alleging Mizkif and Maya coverup for sexual assault.

OTK’s co-founder and Twitch streamer Mizkif has since been suspended from Twitch due to a coverup of alleged sexual assault.

Adrianah Lee Sexual Assault Allegations Against Crazyslick

Crazyslick, who happens to be Mizkif’s friend, allegedly harassed Adrianah Lee sexually in January 2020 during a birthday party. According to her, the Twitch streamer tried to kiss and grope her chest before she passed out.

Adrianah Lee accused Crazyslick of sexual assault in January 2020
Adrianah Lee accused Crazyslick of sexual assault in January 2020

She claimed to be intoxicated, and his actions made her feel uncomfortable. She also addressed some messages he sent, which allegedly showed him asking her if she wanted to ‘sleep in his bed.’

In his since-deleted tweet, CrazySlick has denied all the accusations.

Mizkif And Maya Responds To Her Claims

Mizkif released a lengthy statement via TwitLonger on September 20 and apologized for Adrianah Lee’s situation against CrazySlick. The co-owner of OTK wrote, “Slick sexually assaulted Adrianah. And there’s no excuse for it. Her story deserves to be told. And I’m glad she was able to share it fully.”

Conversely, Mizkif’s girlfriend and fellow Twitch streamer Maya Higa denied the claims. In her short stream, she said Lee told her that CrazySlick didn’t sexually assault her. She apologized for the incident and expressed her desire to talk Lee off stream.

Crazyslick Gone Missing?

Crazyslick, in his deleted tweet, last responded to claims made by Trainwreck. He threatened him with legal action before deleting his social media account.

With Crazyslick’s sudden disappearance from the social media platform, several questions about him being missing have arisen. His Instagram and Twitter are both deactivated at the moment.

He reportedly told Mizkif of ‘going to a girl’s house.’ After 12 hours of being missing, he was found safe, according to a tweet from Twitch star Simply.

Who Is Adrianah Lee?

Adrianah Lee is a Twitch streamer who usually plays Minecraft and Valorant on the gaming streaming platform. She streams on the Just Chatting section and has almost 60K followers on Twitch.

Lee was born in Detroit and moved to Austin to become a full-time streamer on Twitch. She has been streaming on Twitch since February 2019. She is also a content creator on her YouTube channel with 13.5K subscribers.

Her career on YouTube started during high school. The 22-years-old Twitch star is bisexual.

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