Is Blizzard’s Diablo Immortal pay-to-win? Here’s what Asmongold says

Diablo Immortal

Blizzard’s Diablo Immortal is released on PC and mobile, but the community is heated up with the mechanism of the in-game purchase. While it is a free-to-play game, the MMORPG is causing frustrations with the microtransactions available in the game.

Frustrations and criticisms have showered on the main Reddit page of Diablo Immortal regarding the in-game cash mechanism. For instance, legendary gem upgrades take a big chunk of cash if the player opts to pay. And it’s in a whopping figure of six-digit.

Six Digit Figure To Fully Upgrade Character

Gamerant reports YouTube channel Bellular News calculated that it would cost up to $110 thousand to fully max a character on Diablo Immortal due to its gem system in the mobile title.

In particular, the game has three ways to enhance the characters, including XP and the equipment levels. But the Legendary Gems allow boosting the characters’ progression. To obtain it isn’t easy as spending tons of money- there is always a pay-to-win option.

Even purchasing the Legendary Gems is not a guaranteed boost for your character level if the player has a little budget to spend.

On the other side, it will take up to ten years for a player to max out their character if they opt for the free-to-play route, as noted by the Bellular News YouTube channel. So unless Blizzard decides to patch out the things like the Legendary Gem drop rates, the free-to-play will only remain in Diabo’s title.

Due to the in-game monetization taking around a six-digit figure, Diablo fans and critics alike have felt horrified by the microtransactions. European countries like Belgium and Netherlands have already banned the game due to their laws over loot boxes.

What Does Asmongold Say?

While in a group interview with VG247, the Diablo Immortal developers assured us that the game is entirely free to play, Asmongold’s Twitch stream has other things to say.

The Twitch streamer Asmongold who mostly plays World Of Warcraft on his streams played Diablo Immortal. He first spends £20 for modifying the boost rare loot, which gives chances to spawn powerful and legendary weapons.

But when he played the same dungeon without spending a penny, Asmongold didn’t even get a single rare item.

Ever since the release of Diablo Immortal, the famous Twitch streamer has been spending almost $600 on the microtransactions in the game. Not only that, but his fanbase has been criticizing him for spending such an amount of money.

Asmongold plays Diablo Immortals on his Twitch stream
Asmongold spends more than $600 to play Diablo Immortals on his Twitch stream (Credit: Twitch/Asmongold)

Asmongold admits to his Twitch audiences that the game has pay-to-win elements in-game. But he has attracted lots of controversies.

On the subreddit forum LivestreamFail, several clips show him deleting his subreddit threads about the discussion of him spending money on the game. A dozen threads he deleted had thousands of upvotes.

But Asmongold defends himself by saying that he had shown an example of how it’s pointless to spend hundreds of dollars on such games.

Prior to his Diablo Immortals gameplay, he covered the Deep vs. Heard trial, which attracted huge audiences on his Twitch stream.

Updated on Last Updated: June 6, 2022
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