Camille K, America’s Got Talent Singer: Things To Know

Camille K
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The broadcast of season 17 on August 2 of America’s Got Talent saw the conclusion of the first round of the talent show. Camille K, the 16-years-old artist, paved her way to the second round.

She stepped on the AGT stage with her guitar and said she wanted to spread love and joy through her music. She began the audition by singing FINNEAS’ song Let’s Fall in Love for the Night, but Simon Cowell demanded the singer to sing twice.

Cowell stopped her mid-song and requested to perform her original song. Camille then mesmerized the judge with her retention of Still in Love. The judges were astounded by her voice.

Cowell remarked her original song as ‘beautiful,’ while Heidi Klum described it as ‘absolutely amazing.’ Sofia Vergara noted her performance and her voice as ‘spectacular.’

With her fantastic performance, it was no surprise that she received unanimous yes votes from the judges to participate in the second round of America’s Got Talent.

Here are the things you need to know about Camille K.

She Is A Philadelphia Based Singer

Camille K is a Philadelphia-based musical artist who hails from New Jersey. She began playing the guitar at the age of seven. Since then, she has been refining her musical instrument and vocal, gaining some experience playing on the stage.

Camille K playing on stage
Camille K performing her song on stage (Credit: Instagram/Camille K)

She was 11 when she stepped up to open mic night at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia. She has appeared with Us & Them, the Pink Floyd tribute band from South Jersey, and performed for Jon Anderson of Yes on his 1,000 Hands Tour.

Her major influences include soulful R&B, classic rock, and several rock artists like Led Zeppelin and Paul Rodgers. She plays with the band Us & Them and as a solo artist in Philadelphia and South Jersey.

Her Original Song Will Feature In The Movie

Camille K is a talented vocalist, artist, and multi-instrumentalist with several songs in her name. Her first original song, Little Lady, co-written with Andrew DeCord, was released on February 14, 2020.

Since then, she has released several songs like Can I Be Your Girl, Still In Love, and Self Control. She has been featured on Here Comes the Night with Alexander Orue and Heartbreak with Fading Echoes.

Moreover, her composition, I Believe in Miracles, will feature in the movie Philly Christmas. The film will release during the holiday season of 2022.

She Is Working On Her Upcoming Projects

Camille K loves writing, recording, and performing her original music. Currently, she is working on her original music, with an additional release scheduled in 2022.

Her new single, Still in Love, which she sang on America’s Got Talent, is available on all streaming platforms. It dropped on July 8, 2022, with Rob Schwartz as the distributor and Brad Beauty in the mixing/producing department.

Apart from her upcoming projects, Camille loves to perform with several artists. In July 2022, she performed at 118 North, covering the Pink Floyd song Echoes with her bandmates.

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