Chloe Hayden: Australia’s First Autistic Actor On Netflix’s Heartbreak High

Chloe Hayden
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The fanbase certainly knows the name Princess Aspien, a 25-years-old famous YouTuber and TikTok star. She is non-other than Chloe Hayden, who has now reprised herself as an Australian actress.

Hayden is a motivational speaker who shares awareness regarding autism on her social media. Her TikTok videos featuring her original rap, ‘Autism Anthem,’ have received 1.6 million views.

Here’s more to know regarding Chloe Hayden.

She Became Diagnosed With Autism At 13

Chloe Hayden is autistic and was diagnosed with autism at 13. She has since raised awareness as an autistic advocate and educator.

Regarding ASD, Mayo Clinic says, “While there is no cure for autism spectrum disorder, intensive, early treatment can make a big difference in the lives of many children.”

Despite being autistic, she has pushed herself to follow her passion and has openly voiced for autism. She has even chronicled the living-experience guide in her book titled Different, Not Less.

Chloe Hayden with her book 'Different, Not Less'
Chloe Hayden with her book ‘Different, Not Less’ (Credit: Instagram/Chloe Hayden)

She wrote her book Different, Not Less for two years before it hit the bookstores on August 30, 2022.

She Is Half Irish Who Grew Up In Hardship

Chloe Hayden was born in 1997 in Melbourne, Australia. Her birthday is on July 23. The 25-years-old actress grew up in Geelong, where her father reminded her of half-Irish ancestry.

Since childhood, she became surrounded by Irish music and the Gaelic language. She grew up with her younger brother, who is autistic. Her parents have also adopted a brother and sister from Taiwan.

She had a troublesome childhood experience; she moved between ten schools in eight years. She became a victim of bullying and even got hospitalized for anorexia.

Chloe Hayden voices for disabled rights in a rally in March 2022
Chloe Hayden voices for disabled rights in a rally in March 2022 (Credit: Instagram/Chloe Hayden)

Despite her struggles and hardship, Hayden never gave up and eventually became successful and independent. The 5-foot 6-inch actress speaks publicly regarding disability rights and intends to help people who have autism.

She Is Australia’s First Autistic Actor On Netflix’s Heartbreak High

Chloe Hayden plays the role of Quinni in Netflix’s Heartbreak High, starring alongside Ayesha Madon, James Majoos, and Asher Yasbincek. She is Australia’s first actor who plays the role of an autistic character.

In the Netflix series, her character as Quinni is defined as:

Quinni — “All literal and lateral, a brain trying to connect to a body and a heart. Besties with Darren, she’s outrageous, raw, and sometimes a little.”

Prior to landing her role on the Netflix series, she debuted herself as an actress in 2017 in the TV movie Jeremy the Dud, playing Heidi. She also appeared in the 2021 documentary Embrace: Kids.

Hayden is also set to play the role of Grace in the upcoming series Counter Girls. She will appear alongside Luka Saliba and Susie Kazda.

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