Is This GOT7 Comeback On Their New YouTube Channel After Terminating Contract With JYP Entertainment?

GOT 7 Comeback

Is this the comeback of the new GOT7?

As promised, GOT7 has opened a new YouTube channel. The South Korean boy band dropped a teaser video titled ‘ENCORE,’ on February 19, 2021, and their fans are excited to see what the future holds.

If you still have yet to see the teaser, feel free to check it out below!

The music video teaser for the track ENCORE is set to be released on 20 February 2021 via Warner Music Korea, as per the Twitter of Warner Music Korea.

Earlier, GOT7 leader JB teased their comeback on his Instagram stories writing, “I said we’re not disbanding, right?,” before adding, “We are going our own way.”

Likewise, the rest of the GOT7 members teased their upcoming project ‘ENCORE‘ on their respective Instagram stories. Yugyeom shared the alphabet ‘E,’ Jinyoung letter ‘N,’ JB posted ‘C,’ Mark shared ‘O,’ and BamBam shared small letter cursive ‘R,’ while Jackson posted green hearts.

At the moment, the famous K-Pop group is signed to different agencies, but the members have proved to Aghase (GOT7 fans) that they would continue their journey.

‘ENCORE’ Is The First GOT7 Project Since Terminating Contract With JYP Entertainment

Aghase felt disappointed when GOT7 decided to terminate their contract with JYP Entertainment in January 2021. At the time, the band promised to release their new music as a group thanking their fans. Now they are back with their first official activity as a group with ‘ENCORE,’ since leaving JYP.

Time and again, GOT7 has proved that they will continue their work as a seven-member band. Jinyoung, in his May 2019 interview with, said GOT7 would overcome their trouble no matter what. The South Korean singer added that they would always be together.

Meanwhile, JB talked about how GOT7 added JYP’s growth in stock value, saying:

“I think we served as a pillar of JYP. We’ve been constantly working hard since our debut, and I think our hard work did add up to the company’s growth.”

South Korea Biggest entertainment mogul JYP debuted GOT7 in January 2014. The agency scouted BamBam from Thailand, Mark from the USA, and Jackson from Hong Kong. The rest of the members Yugyeom, Jinyoung, Youngjae, and JB, joined the agency with several tryouts in South Korea.

After leaving JYP, Jinyoung signed with BH Entertainment, Jackson and Youngjae with Sublime Agency, and Yugyeom joined AOMG. On the other side, Mark released his new single, and BamBam became EA’s The Sims 4 ambassador.

Regardless of their solo projects, the K-Pop boy band GOT7 has now remained connected. It seems like they will be continuing their activities as a seven-member group.

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