Hunter x Hunter Manga Return: Next Chapter Release Date

Hunter x Hunter Return

Yoshihiro Togashi, the author of Hunter x Hunter on fire. He is starting the next ten chapters of the critically acclaimed manga series. After a long hiatus, the manga will be returning soon.

The first batch of ten chapters has been finished, and apparently, Togashi is moving on to the next batch. Reportedly, the inking of the characters has been finished and what’s now left in the arsenal is the inking of the background. It is set to be illustrated by his assistants soon.

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Hunter x Hunter Manga 391 Release Date

Chapter 391 of Hunter x Hunter is just around the corner.

If everything goes according to schedule, the next chapter will get released in early September 2022. It is to be noted that the content in WSJ issues gets finalized a month before the release of the issue.

Over the last three years, Togashi drew all the necessary drafts for the current ark of the succession war of Hunter x Hunter. He started inking the pages, and in May 2022, he teased the manga’s return via his Twitter.

Yoshihiro Togashi’s Twitter Return

Since starting his new Twitter account, the series of tweets has brought confusion over the internet. It wasn’t until One Punch Man illustrator Yusuke Murata confirmed the authenticity of Togashi’s official Twitter account. Later, Shueisha also verified his Twitter account.

Togashi has since been showcasing the rough drafts of his manuscript from his official Twitter account. On July 25, 2022, he showcased a glimpse of Kurapika, which sent Twitter into a frenzy.

Yoshihiro Togashi glimpsed the sketch of Hunter x Hunter's Kurapika
Yoshihiro Togashi glimpsed the sketch of Hunter x Hunter’s Kurapika (Credit: Twitter/Yoshihiro Togashi)

Since opening his atypical Twitter account handle (@Un4v5s8bgsVk9Xp) on May 24, 2022, he has gathered almost 3 million followers.

He also becomes the most-followed manga artist on Twitter, garnering 2.2 million followers just three days after opening his new Twitter account.

Yoshihiro Togashi Working From His Bed Despite Illness

Hunter x Hunter’s fans were disappointed when the manga series was on hiatus for an extended period. But it was for a reason.

Togashi wanted to complete the Hunter x Hunter manga series, but his back pain started to flare up to the level that he couldn’t even sit in his chair. Despite this, he continued to work hard, and he is now drawing the manga from his bed.

Ahead of Yoshihiro Togashi’s art exhibition, he released a message expressing gratitude to his fans. He illustrated a dog lying on its back and revealed that he could draw only in that position.

Yoshihiro Togashi illustrated a dog lying on its back revealing he can draw only in that position
Yoshihiro Togashi illustrated a dog lying on its back, revealing he can draw only in that position (Credit: Yoshihiro Togashi)

The famous manga artist addressed his health issues in July 2022, revealing that he could not sit in his chair for two years due to his back and hip problems.

While he may not be able to work from his studio without hurting himself, he was able to draw the manga by laying himself down.

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