2AM’s Jeong Jinwoon breakup with Kyungri after four years of relationship

Jinwoon and Kyungri

2AM’s singer Jeong Jinwoon and former 9MUSE’s member Kyungri are no more in a relationship.

According to Sports Kyunghyang, Jinwoon’s agency ‘Mystic Story’ confirmed on May 4 that the celebrity star was no longer together. The agency said, “It’s true they broke up recently.”

The reports suggest that the ex-couple break up due to their busy acting schedules.

Currently, Jinwoon is starring in the upcoming film ‘Am I the Only One Seeing This?’ while Kyungri is busy appearing in JTBC’s Undercover.

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Jeong Jinwoon and Kyungri Were In A Relationship For Four Years

Jinwoon and Kyungri started dating in 2017. The duo dated secretly for two years until his agency ‘Mystic Story’ released the official statement in November 2019.

Reportedly, the 2AM’s singer enjoyed public dates with his then-girlfriend when he was on a break from the military.

Jeong Jinwoon and Kyungri
Jeong Jinwoon and his ex-girlfriend Kyungri (Source: Jeong Jinwoon’s Instagram)

According to Kungri, she and Jinwoon had many mutual friends and fell for each other while they were on a variety show together. In her appearance on Section TV, the former 9MUSE singer revealed that she sent Jinwoon emails every day while Jinwoon was fulfilling his mandatory military service, soompi.com reports.

The duo enjoyed each other’s company and was not afraid to gain people’s attention. They even collaborated on a track, White Christmas, and appeared together on Guys Who Buy New Products.

Sadly, their relationship came to an end after dating for four years in 2021.

Kyungri Was A Very Supportive Girlfriend

During his time in the military, Kyungri was always supporting Jinwoon by visiting him. He became emotional and tearfully thanked Kuyngri during an episode of Video Star that premiered on November 17, 2020. The KPOP singer said:

“She’s amazing and she was there for me, supporting me during my most difficult time and until now she supports and believes in me.”

Jinwoon even felt sorry for his then-girlfriend as she needs to wait for him. The show was filmed three weeks prior to his discharge from the military.

The 2AM’s singer recalled that he wasn’t there for Kyungri when their dating news broke out publicly. “She had to do things like interviews on her own and had to go through such a hard time,” Jinwoon said, according to pinkvilla.com.

Regardless, they worked out in their relationship during difficult times as Kungri was always his supportive girlfriend.

Unfortunately, the once-duo who was smitten in love is now no longer together.

Jinwoon Dated Jang Ye Eun For Four Years Before Kyungri

Before Kungri, Jinwoon dated former Wonder Girls member, Yeeun.

The former couple started their relationship in early 2014 while they were under JYP Entertainment. They began as close friends and helped each other in composition and creating demos, eventually falling with each other, as per kpopmap.com.

Even after going to separate agencies, they continued dating secretly.

Their relationship became public in September 2016. But after seven months of being public, they ended their four-years of relationship in April 2017.

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