Evaluating Justin Trudeau’s Leadership Style In Canada

Justin Trudeau Leadership Style

Leaders are the masters who transform their vision into reality. What strikes the leader is their superiority of the judgment in regards to their rational thinking.

Canadian Prime minister Justin Trudeau is apt to find a common ground of beliefs and values. His willingness to collaborate while listening to others is consistent with his sense of responsibility and his dedication to the country to prosper it to a great maxim.

As Trudeau stated, leadership that brings people together and brings diversity to a common clause is needed now and in the future. This proposal exhibits his conscientiousness in the direction of approval and assistance by the people.

Future Experience on Justin Trudeau’s Leadership Style

Justin Trudeau’s leadership campaign in 2013 revolved around creating jobs in Canada. Since becoming Prime minister in 2015, he has supported all middle-class jobs and secures the country’s economy.

But, in May 2020, Canada records a high unemployment rate of 13.7% due to business closure, travels restrictions, and the shutdown of the country’s economy in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was one of the highest percentages recorded since December 1982 (13.1%).

To resume the country’s economy, Trudeau assured in a tweet on May 27, 2020 – jobs were available in the Agri-food sector and over 44,000 opportunities in the essential service sectors.

Within a month, Canada’s unemployment rate showed a significant drop to 12.3% due to the easiness of lockdown restrictions.

Despite the decrease in the unemployment rate, hundreds and thousands are still jobless in Canada. Observing the present situation in Canada, Trudeau’s administration must subordinate the economic necessity to the wider community all across the country. A serious conflict in the country’s economy may lead to a severe struggle for survival, with no improvement.

Thus, through the renunciation of fraud, bribery, and corruption, the country’s people can remain thrall towards the economy by gaining unlimited rights to natural resources.

The alarming economic difficulties and unemployment should be solved by the wheels of the industry that should establish a balance between workers and consumers, stopping the tyranny from the owners. It may be one of the things people are seeking from Trudeau’s leadership style in the coming years.

Future Behaviours and Approaches

Dutch philosopher Benedict Spinoza on Ethics (1677) states:

“Desire is the very essence of man and the effort by which a man strives to perceive in his being.”

Ethics (1677) (p. 176)

Trudeau should have an impulse and desire to stop corruption from its root that is striking in the various sectors of Canada. It will be one of the biggest game-changers in boosting employment opportunities during this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The data released by Transparency International (TI) on 23 January 2020 shows Canada is not free from corruption. It is not a good sign that Canada dropped from 8th to 12th in the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) in the annual ranking of perceived public sector corruption.

As per TI, Canada has been marked as an easy place for money laundering that has impacted the country’s economy to a greater extent. To solve this, Trudeau’s administration must introduce a strong financial policy that must be enforced while dealing overseas, and anti-corruption law enforcement should be more effective in monitoring those illegal transactions.

Trudeau himself violated the country’s ethics law in 2019 by allowing an engineering company to avoid a corruption trial. He affirmed he pursued Canadian MP Jody Wilson-Raybould to revoke the decision against the company accused of bribe and fraud in Libya for a decade (2001 to 2011). The Prime minister of Canada denied any wrongdoings and stated he was worried about the potential jobs lost.

Trudeau should demoralize corruption, and strong policies must be intact to stabilize the financial insecurity. It’s needed for him to advance his leadership to the next level that ensembles as true progress by penetrating the nation’s worse side.

Controversies Surrounding His Leadership

Justin Trudeau’s leadership approach has not only received the marsh of commendable. There are several controversies, among which one is his 2016 holiday vacation to Aga Khan’s private island in the Bahamas.

Aaron Wherry, CBC’s Parliament Hall Bureau senior writer, provided political analysis on cbc.ca in 2017 notes that Trudeau’s luxurious vacation to the Aga Khan was ‘not worth the trip.’

Wherry highlights the connection between Trudeau and Khan was due to Pierre Trudeau, Justin’s father. As per CBC, the relationship is rooted in family history and was built on common values and goals.

Wherry described Trudeau’s holiday vacation suggests a ‘dangerous insularity.’

justin trudeau aga khan
Justin Trudeau on his meeting with Aga Khan (Source: liberal.ca)

Trudeau did apologize for violating the conflicting laws visiting Aga Khan island and confirmed that he visited Khan on a private helicopter. Mary Dawson, who investigated Trudeau’s trip for more than a year, ruled out he violated four-act provisions. Dawson even labeled Trudeau and Khan cannot be characterized as friends ruling out the possibility of them having a business talk.

However, Trudeau has always considered Khan his long-time friend, even calling him the spiritual leader of the world’s Ismaili Muslims. On the other side, there was also no evidence of Trudeau dealing with Khan’s project or any of his institutes. It was a vacation day for Trudeau, who went to the Bahamas to enjoy his day with his family.

After the incident, Trudeau assured that he would clear all his family visits with the watchdogs in his future visits.

His Distinguish Leadership Feature

The distinguishing feature of Justin Trudeau’s leadership shows that the political development across Canada has been par to par with economic development. The balance of the social, economic, and political system uplifts Canada’s industrial areas, rural and urban parts.

The zest of the political sphere prevails upon Trudeau’s administrative decisions and judgments. This has been a result of his courageous coinstantaneous effort and persisting humbleness.

Adjusting his administration in a broader framework, the satisfactory qualities is more than sufficient to describe his leading role. Justin Trudeau has been able to subjugate the economic and political efforts in the country. He is standing as a guardian protecting the sovereignty of the Canadian land and its people.

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