Leadership Assessment of Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau Leadership Assessment

Leadership didn’t happen overnight. Jean-Jacques Rousseau highlights in his 1972 book The Social Contract – authority comes from people who agreed for the maxim of civil rights in terms of natural inequality. And it’s the fact that authority is a backbone of leadership.

Therefore, in terms of our current world leaders, Canadian Prime minister Justin Trudeau’s authority highlights his notion to drive the country, its citizen, and economy to the symbol of excellence.

The five essential qualities of a leader are clarity, decisiveness, courage, passion, and humility. In accordance with these attributes, Trudeau’s leadership abides to be particularly effective all over Canada.

The Genesis and History of Justin Trudeau

The Liberal Party nomination in Papineau, a federal district in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 2007, was a turning point for Justin Trudeau to enter the Canadian political scene. Not only did he win the election in 2008 but was re-elected in 2011, 2015, and 2019.

His leadership campaign in 2013 focused on a growing economy and creating jobs in Canada. After getting elected as a Prime minister in November 2015 winning majority seats in Canada, his government cut the taxes for the middle-class family and increase the taxes of the citizens by over 200,000 dollars per year. This shows Trudeau’s envision – ‘The growth of people’s economy goes par to par with the country’s economy.‘ Very few leaders visualize such things.

In this respect, he signalizes the distinction to fight for middle-class workers and families to prosper Canadian’s future. His advocate for young people and experience to drive the economic prospects as a board of the Canadian Avalanche Foundation before entering politics, and the current commitment towards his leadership has been not swayed, hither and now.

Amid the criticism of riding the coattails of one of his political influences – his father Pierre Trudeau, 15th Prime minister of Canada, Trudeau continues to prove he is as much as capable as his father.

The sharp-witted remark of the 37th US president Richard Nixon towards Trudeau to carry his father Pierre’s legacy as the future Prime minister of Canada back in April 1972 is one of the few insights of Trudeau’s upsurge in prospective directories of the political scene.

The Behaviours, Strengths, and Approach of Justin Trudeau

Trudeau’s vision of disregarding sophism energies expounds his nature of freedom towards politics. He has established himself as a charismatic leader. It would have been an enigma if he hadn’t manifest in unyielding Canada friendly to immigrants and the natives alike. These are the strengths of the current Prime Minister.

The flexibility of Canada’s policy towards the student in this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic with $9 billion financial aid ensures no students disrupt their education and job prospects amid the crisis.

Trudeau has clinch to invest $291.6 million to extend scholarships and build the student’s career and future. Although the international student cannot claim the emergency benefit, Trudeau’s administration has affirmed they will get to work a maximum of 20 hours per week while class is in session. These approaches have been applauded not across the country but all across the globe.

Apart from this, after his wife Sophie Gregoire Trudeau tested positive for COVID-19 on 12 March 2020, Trudeau remained calm and urged the citizens to stay under self-quarantine. He shut down the parliament and restricted international flights in response to the global pandemic.

Under his leadership and decisive actions, the death of COVID-19 patients and the rate of transfer of the Coronavirus to Canadian citizens have been reduced to a greater extent. This shows his smooth approach to handling the country even in such a dire situation.

The Assessment Of Others Towards Justin Trudeau

The Day‘s Mykola Siruk, in his 2015 article on day.kyiv.ua, recalls the positives of tax reduction for the middle-class citizens, defining it as ‘THE REAL CHANGE’ proposed by the Prime minister.

As a Ukraine citizen, Mykola highlights Ukrainian voices will be heard by the Canadian liberals, in accordance with the Conservative party. Mykola also emphasizes the views of the Ukrainian Ambassador to Canada, Andrii Shevchenko, who stated that Trudeau assured to give a thought of economic assistance to Ukraine during the election campaign. And it’s no secret that now, the diplomatic relationship between Ukraine and Canada is tied stronger than ever under Trudeau’s leadership.

On the contrary, the editorial of Postmedia News on Toronto Sun (2020) shed some criticism on Justin Trudeau’s administration, defining he did not respond quickly enough for shutting Canada’s international flight and Canada-US border in the response to COVID-19.

No one can predict the future. When COVID-19 hit China at first, there were few cases of spreading the virus across the globe, and WHO also didn’t warn against it. So, it’s not Trudeau’s fault for not responding quite early.

When the virus began to spread on Canadian soil, Trudeau took action as quickly as possible, dealing with the damage to a minimum.

Approach Towards Canada’s Independence

Immanuel Kant’s Moral Philosophy questions servant leadership and shows an excellent leader respects the autonomy of followers.

Following Justin Trudeau’s considerations, to-wit, his political reflection acts in accordance with objective morality rather than servant leadership, in counterpart to Kantian ethics.

Henceforth, after Canada gain autonomy on 1 July 1867 being independent of British governance, it has been harmonizing the independence to build a legislative foundation to which Canada, as well as Justin Trudeau’s administration, is standing today.

It’s the milestone that Canada will continue to be thriving as an autonomous empire.

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