FOX 13 Kelly Ring Retirement From TV News: Salary, Net Worth, & Husband

Kelly Ring FOX 13

American journalist Kelly Ring is a familiar face on FOX 13. She has hosted at WTVT, reporting the worldwide stories from Fox 13 Tampa Bay.

The three-time award-winning Emmy anchor is now set for retirement after working with the TV news station for 37 years.

Kelly Ring Retirement From FOX 13

The 6 AM and 10 PM newscast on FOX 13 will not be the same as co-anchor Kelly Ring is retiring. Earlier in February, she announced her retirement plans, telling the viewers:

“I remember the first time I walked into this television station more than three decades ago. I was a wide-eyed reporter and didn’t know a single person, but wow, what a journey this has been.”

Kelly Ring (WTVT/FOX 13)

Ring, who has appeared in nearly 20,000 newscasts, will sign off during 6 PM news. May 25 will be the last day to see her as a co-anchor.

She knows that the decision to end her TV career was not easier as she has worked with the station for 37 years. The 61-years-old anchor will miss the Tampa Bay community.

Kelly Ring TV Career

Kelly Ring has wanted to pursue her career in writing since she was ten. She studied journalism at the University of Missouri and joined WXII in North Carolina.

Her career in TV started in October 1985 when she joined Fox-owned TV station WTVT. She became the 6 AM and 10 PM news anchors in April 1990. Since then, she has been bringing the stories to the people of Tampa Bay.

During her TV journey, she has reported traveling across the world. Ring has covered the Gulf War from Saudi Arabia and has documented the stories of Russian Children from All Children’s Hospital in Moscow, Russia.

Apart from that, she has covered presidential inaugurations, elections, and international news stories in her three-decade career.

Kelly Ring Salary And Net Worth

According to Payscale, the annual salary of a FOX13 news anchor is estimated to be $74 thousand. As a co-anchor for FOX News with more than three-decade of tenure, Kelly Ring must have received an above-average salary.

As for now, Ring has yet to confirm her earnings from her TV career. Unfortunately, her net worth is still under the radar.

Who Is Kelly Ring Husband?

Kelly Ring is married to Ed Bulleit, an investment banker. She and her husband Bulleit have been married for almost three decades.

The couple is proud parents to three grown-up children; two sons, Clark and Raleigh, and a daughter named Kendall.

Kelly Ring with her husband Ed Bulleit, and their three kids Clark, Raleigh, and Kendall
Kelly Ring with her husband Ed Bulleit and their three kids Clark, Raleigh, and Kendall (Source: FOX 13 Tampa Bay)

According to, their oldest son Clark is studying a medical course at Duke University in North Carolina. Their youngest son Raleigh is a sophomore at the University of Notre Dame. Meanwhile, their daughter Kendall is pursuing her father’s career as an investment banker in Chicago.

After she retires from FOX 13, Kelly plans to spend time with her family.

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