Perry Greene’s Divorce With Husband Marjorie Taylor: The Hidden Truth

Perry Greene, Marjorie Taylor Greene husband

Perry Greene, the president of Taylor Commercial, Inc., and republican congresswoman, Marjorie Taylor Greene are no longer in a relationship. EDaily Hub has learned that Perry filed a divorce with Marjorie citing their marriage as “irretrievably broken,” the court document shows.

After two and a half decades of marriage, Perry asked the Floyd County Superior Court for their divorce processing on September 28, 2022.

The divorce petition shows that he requests their assets and financial information, fair and impartial. The filing records, he has already been separated from his wife, Marjorie.

The Hidden Truth Behind Their Divorce

Perry’s wife, Marjorie, was allegedly involved in a cheating scandal. According to DailyMail, she ‘openly cheated’ on him with several affairs a decade ago.

Peter Greene and his wife, Marjorie Taylor Greene
Peter Greene and his wife, Marjorie Taylor Greene (Credit: Facebook/Marjorie Taylor Greene)

The tabloid reports Marjorie had an affair with a polyamorous tantric sex guru, Craig Ivey. The other one was her fitness gym manager, Justin Tway. Allegedly, she met Craig and Justin in 2012 at a gym in Alpharetta, Georgia.

According to DailyMail, the source close to Marjorie told the tabloids that her affair with both men wasn’t a secret. When approached by DailyMail, both Craig and Justin didn’t deny the affairs.

On the other hand, Marjorie strongly denied the affairs citing the DailyMail article as ‘ridiculous tabloid garbage spread by an avowed Communist.’

When approached by The New Yorker about her alleged affair in October 2020, Marjorie claimed it was a ‘defamatory article’ and to be wise in providing the ‘sources.’ The magazine spoke with Jim Chambers, the former gym owner, who described Marjorie as having ‘multiple, blatant extramarital affairs in front of all of us.’

Perry and his wife Marjorie have been married since August 11, 1995. During their married life, they welcomed three children while living in Georgia.

Who Is Perry Greene?

Perry Greene is an owner of a private company, Taylor Commercial, Inc. According to Signal Hire, his company specializes in construction and is located in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Since joining Taylor Commercial in 1997, he has worked as a general manager. He was promoted to the president of the construction company in 1999.

Prior to working in the construction business, he was an accountant at Ernst & Young. He graduated with a degree in accounting in 1996 from Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia.

His Wife Was The Owner Of Their Company

Taylor Commercial, Inc., the construction company Perry Greene owns, was started by Marjorie’s father, per her interview with Politico.

Following her college graduation, Marjorie moved to Atlanta, where her father’s construction company was located. According to her, she brought her father’s company and owned it together with her husband, Perry Greene.

The far-right conspiracy theorist stated that Perry acquired full company ownership in 2006 without mentioning her name on the management team.

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