One Piece Manga Will Be On Break After Wano Arc: When Will The Next Arc Resume?

One Piece break Wano Arc
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It seems like the critically acclaimed manga One Piece will be on a break. And it’s for a good cause.

The long-awaited Wano arc will finally wrap up with the downfall of two yonkos, Kaido and Big Mom. The Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance took the notorious pirates who ruled the Grand Line. The alliance consisting of the Kozuki Family retainers and the Straw Hat, and the Heart pirates was formed on the Zou arc.

In the fortunate turns of events, Kaido was knocked out by Monkey D. Luffy, while Big Mom fell to Supernovas, Trafalgar Law, and Eustass Kid.

Manga Will Be On Break After Chapter 1053

Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, will be taking a break after Chapter 1053. The break will be between Jump issues 30 to 33. And it seems like he is preparing for his next move, the journey of Strawhat Pirates to the next arc.

Oda also released his message regarding the one-month hiatus:

“I’m taking a break! A few months ago, my talented editors told me “Oda-sensei, this summer will be tough. The 25th Anniversary of the series will take place, and there will also be a 00 commemoration for the release of the film. The story of Wano is also now over… You also want to travel to Africa to supervise the filming of Netflix’s Live-Action. During summer, we will also have 00 collaborations, 00 commercials and 00 events. Would you like to take a whole month off in order to prepare for all this excitement?”. I said, “What!? Taking a break!? How much do you think readers enjoy Jump… But resting!!” And I want to go to Africa tooooo!! I also want to reorganize the final arc of the series so I can finish it as soon as possible. So… I’m sorry, but I’m going to take a breather and some time to prepare!! After my vacation, a raging ONE PIECE festival will start! This break will not be immediate. Starting today, 2 more chapters will be published, and the break will take for weeks from Jump’s Issue to Issue #33! Give me some time to breathe! (The previous trip to Africa was ruined due to the Coronavirus, sadly). Series will be resuming in Jump’s Issue #34 on July 25th! And please look forward to ONE PIECE: FILM RED, which will be screening on August 6th! There’s something interesting happening with this one. All the production staff of the movie loves Uta-chan. It’s not like the movie is completed yet though. Anyway, I’m sure you will all feel the same way sooner or later!! Please look forward to it!”

– Eichiro Oda

According to One Piece leaker Sandman, the manga will be on a one-month hiatus from June 27 to July 25. During the break, Oda will revise the story so that he can prepare for the final arc.

Caution: Before reading further, please be aware of the heavy spoilers ahead. If you are not updated with the latest manga of the One Piece series, read further at your own risk.

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When Will The Next Arc Resume?

As mentioned earlier, One Piece will be on a break after Wano Arc.

It is expected that Chapter 1053 of the manga will show the updated bounties of the Strawhat Pirates that will wrap up the Wano Arc. Then it will go on a month’s break before resuming the next arc on July 25.

It seems that the admiral GreenBull (Ryokugu) is in front of Wano in the latest chapter (1052). The admiral is talking to fleet admiral Sakazuki and his role may be the deciding factor for Wano Arc.

Unfortunately, at the moment, nothing is revealed about the next arc.

Who Will Be The New Nakamas Of Strawhat Pirates In Wano?

The latest Chapter 1052 resumes after seven days of time-skip. During that period, Strawhat Pirates, including Luffy and Zoro, have recovered. Meanwhile, Yamato is with the Strawhat Pirates.

Yamato, who is expected to be the new Nakama of Strawhat Pirates, revealed in Chapter 1051 that she would join the infamous pirate crew. The rest of the Strawhat crews were shocked to learn that Yamato was Kaido’s son.

Yamato declares that she will join Strawhat Pirates in Chapter 1051
Yamato declares that she will join Strawhat Pirates in Chapter 1051

Prior to Yamato, Jinbe joined the Strawhat Pirates after completing his unfinished business with Big Mom at the Whole Cake Island Arc. As a fellow Strawhat, the former warlord will be looking forward to celebrating with his Nakamas.

And what’s more interesting is that next week, we will get the full updated bounties of the Strawhat Pirates since the newspaper has arrived in Wano.

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