Things To Know On Pete Buttigieg’s Husband Chasten Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg husband Chasten Buttigieg.

Pete Buttigieg’s husband, Chasten Buttigieg, is an openly proud gay. But the journey of his coming out by the age of 18 was tough. His parents initially found difficulty in accepting his sexuality. Although Buttigieg’s (given name Glezman) relationship with his parents improved over time, he remains estranged from his brother.

Due to his sexuality, he thought that there wasn’t a place for him in this world. But after meeting with transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg, his whole life changed completely.

The same-sex couple is very much supportive of each other and has recently added a bundle of joy to their family. Here’s more to follow.

Chasten Buttigieg welcomes two children with Pete Buttigieg

Congratulations are in order for Chasten and his husband, Pete Buttigieg.

Earlier today, the couple announced the birth of a son, Joseph August Buttigieg and a daughter, Penelope Rose. From his Twitter, Pete shared the picture of them holding their child and remain thankful to the well-wishers.

Chasten and Pete met through a dating app in 2015, and their love blossomed in no time. Pete proposed to him at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, and they got married in June 2018. They had a wedding in South Bend at the Episcopal Cathedral.

During the 2021 presidential inaugural, the lovebirds attended the capital and watched President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. After some weeks, his husband Pete became Biden’s Secretary of Transportation.

He is a book author, teacher and LGBTQ rights advocate

In his memoir, I Have Something to Tell You (2020), Chasten describes an inspiring journey of his life story of finding acceptance as a gay man. The American author recounts the moment of his dating history with Pete and the meeting with former President Obama. He has also shared the story of sexual assault and past domestic violence.

Despite hurdles in his life, he overcame them and became a junior high school teacher at Montessori Academy. After Pete ran for president, he left his teaching job to support his husband’s campaign.

The LGBTQ rights advocate has covered the stories related to LGBTQ issues. He has won the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus’s ‘Inspiration Award’ for his work in bringing the LGBTQ+ struggles.

Chasten has received Master’s of Education degree

Chasten’s hometown is Traverse City, Michigan, where he had his upbringing. Chasten, American by nationality, was born as the youngest of three brothers to his parents Terry Glezman, and Sherri Glezman.

While at high school at Traverse City West, he was into a bowling team and later attended the University of Wisconsin, from where he received his Bachelor’s degree. He then graduated from DePaul University in 2017, completing the Master in Education.

Chasten worked as a cashier, bartender, and waiter during his early days before finally settling as a humanities teacher. Currently, he and his husband Pete reside in South Bend, Indiana, with their two dogs.

He is a dog lover and a funny social media person

Chasten and his husband Pete have two dogs, Truman, whom they adopted in 2017, and Buddy Buttigieg in 2020. The 32-years-old teacher often displays his love towards his dogs, sharing adorable moments on his social media network.

chasten and his husband with their dogs
Chasten Buttigieg and his husband Pete Buttigieg with their two dogs, Truman and Buddy (Source: Instagram/ Chasten Buttigieg)

In fact, Truman and Buddy have their own Twitter page where they have 95K followers. You can find these adorable pups at their Twitter handle, @firstdogsSB.

On the other side, Chasten’s Twitter is filled with laughter and fun. Either tweeting about politics or a serious matter, he spreads a positive message with a mixture of sense of humour. His Twitter @Chasten has more than 590K followers.

Also, Chasten has an Instagram @chasten.buttigieg, where he has more than 330K followers.

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