From Oldest To Youngest: All The Things To Know About STAYC Members

STAYC Members Oldest to Youngest

STAYC (Star to a Young Culture), the six-member girl group, has been rising in the KPOP industry with sensational music. They were launched by the famous South Korean producer duo Black Eyed Pilseung in November 2020. Since their debut, they have received wider attention due to their excellent music and talent.

The group debuted with their first EP album, Star to a Young Culture, in which their lead single, So Bad, gained over 2.6 million views in just 24 hours, reports. After their successful debut, STAYC released their second EP, Stereotype, in September 2021, followed by their third EP,, in February 2022.

They even managed to win the 2021 Golden Disk Rookie of the Year Award alongside Aespa, the girl group launched by SM Entertainment. STAYC’s fandom, SWITH, was mesmerized further when their single RUN2U snagged the seventh win in ‘M Countdown’ in March 2022.

Today, let’s find out the details of the oldest to youngest members of the six members girl group, STAYC.

1) Sumin (수민): Age: 22-Years-Old

Date Of Birth: March 13, 2001
Birth Place: Pohang, North Gyeongsang, South Korea
Height: 5 feet 3 inches (1.59 m)
Role Model: BTS
Position: Rapper, Vocalist, Leader

Bae Sumin, stage name Sumin, was born in Pohang, North Gyeongsang, South Korea, on March 13, 2001. She is the oldest member as well as the leader of STAYC.

Bae Sumin, stage name Sumin (Source: Instagram/STAYC(스테이씨))

Sumin was a trainee for five and a half years. During her trainee years, she trained with the record company ‘Plan A Entertainment’ and the members of the South Korean girl group WEEKLY.

She auditioned for the survival show PRODUCE 48 but did not get selected. She also participated in the shows like Kpop Star and Me & 7 Men. Eventually, she joined High Up Entertainment in 2018.

On 9 September 2020, the producer duo Black Eyed Pilseung revealed Sumin as the second member of their upcoming girl group, which eventually became STAYC.

She is the rapper, vocalist, and reliable leader of STAYC. Sumin’s official color is Pink, and her designated object is Water.

2) Sieun (시은): Age: 22-Years-Old

Date Of Birth: August 1, 2001
Birth Place: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 5 feet 3 inches (1.59 m)
Role Model: IU
Position: Main Vocalist

Sieun, birth name Park Si Eun, hails from Seoul, South Korea. Born in 2001, her birthday on the 1st of August makes her the second oldest member of STAYC.

Park Si Eun, stage name Sieun (Source: Instagram/STAYC(스테이씨))

The daughter of famous singer Park Nam-jung, Sieun trained for four years. Before rising to fame as a singer, she was a child actress who debuted in 2014 in the children’s drama Pluto Secret Society. She was an idol trainee and actress at JYP Entertainment.

After leaving JYP in 2019, she signed up with High Up Entertainment in December 2019. Within a year, she was revealed as the first member of STAYC, where the rookie girl group debuted in November 2020.

Sieun is the main vocalist of STAYC, where she sings the high notes. Her official color is White, and her designated object is Rock.

3) Isa (아이사): Age: 22-Years-Old

Date Of Birth: January 23, 2002
Birth Place: Busan, South Korea
Height: 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 m)
Role Model: Krystal Jung, Kiana Lede
Position: Lead Vocalist

Isa, real name Lee Chae-young, is from Busan, South Korea. She was born on January 23, 2002, as the only child of her parents. She speaks in a Busan dialect.

Lee Chae-young, stage name Isa (Source: Instagram/STAYC(스테이씨))

Since her childhood days, she wanted to become an idol and pursued her career by joining Busan’s Hak Enter Academy. Isa is the superfan of Hyuna and even attended the fan signing event before her debut.

She trained for three years and was the first member to join High Up Entertainment in March 2018. Thanks to her hard work and dedication, the agency introduced her as the fourth member of STAYC on October 13, 2020.

Isa, whose official color is Black and designated object is Shadow is the lead vocalist of STAYC. She is considered to be the mother of the group.

4) Seeun (세은): Age: 20-Years-Old

Date Of Birth: June 14, 2003
Birth Place: Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi, South Korea
Height: 5 feet 6 inches (1.67 m)
Role Model: Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation)
Position: Vocalist

Yoon Se Eun, stage name Seeun, was born in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi, South Korea, on June 14, 2003. Before debuting as an idol singer, she was a child actress under Kiana Entertainment.

Yoon Se Eun, stage name Seeun (Source: Instagram/STAYC(스테이씨))

Before joining High Up Entertainment, she trained with Plan A Entertainment till September 2019. She trained for two and a half years. She even pre debuted as a member of the girl group Play M Girls.

Black Eyed Pilseung listed Seeun as the third member of STAYC on September 9, 2020. After her debut, her student’s textbook pre-debut photos went viral among the netizens a month later.

Seeun is in charge of aegyo and is the vocalist of STAYC. Her official color is Blue, and her designated object is Light.

5) Yoon (윤): Age: 19-Years-Old

Date Of Birth: April 14, 2004
Birth Place: Gwanju, Jeolla-do, South Korea
Height: 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 m)
Role Model: Lisa (Blackpink)
Position: Lead Vocalist

Yoon, born Sim Ja-yoon, hails from Gwanju, Jeolla-do, South Korea. She was born in 2004, and her birthday is on the 14th of April. She is the tallest member of STAYC.

Sim Ja-yoon, stage name Yoon (Source: Instagram/STAYC(스테이씨))

Many confuse Yoon with Japanese, but she is Korean. Yoon mentions she watched Pokemon while at elementary school, and her hobby is playing games. Before her debut, she trained at Joy Dance Plug In Academy in Gwangju.

While she trained for more than two years and a half, she became recognized by the netizens after her pre-debut photos went viral all over the internet. She was revealed as the sixth and final member of STAYC on October 12, 2020. She even endorsed with K-Beauty product Code Glokolor in 2021.

Yoon is the lead vocalist of STAYC and wants to have a stage collaboration with (G)-IDLE and Little Mix. Her official color is Green, and her designated object is Metal.

6) J (재이): Age: 19-Years-Old

Date Of Birth: December 9, 2004
Birth Place: Daejeon, Chungcheong, South Korea
Height: 5 feet 7 inches (1.69 m)
Role Model: Jessica Ho (Jessi)
Position: Rapper, Vocalist, Maknae

J, whose real name is Jang Ye Eun, was born in Daejeon, Chungcheong, South Korea, on December 9, 2004. She is the youngest member- maknae of STAYC.

Jang Ye Eun, stage name J (Source: Instagram/STAYC(스테이씨))

J was at JYP Entertainment before moving to her current agency, High Up Entertainment. She trained with Nmixx members and knows their members very well, aside from Sullyoon, reports. She studied at Hongik University Girls’ High School in Seoul.

She trained for three years, mastering her rap, vocal, and dance skills. Her intricate works finally paid off when she debuted with STAYC as the fifth member on October 14, 2020.

As the vocalist and rapper of STAYC, she has a deep voice and is in charge of singing low notes. J’s official color is Red, while her designated object is Wind.

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