The Truth About Barron Trump’s Height

Barron Trump Height

At Ivana Trump’s funeral held at the St. Vincent Ferrer Roman Catholic Church, ex-president Donald Trump accompanied his family. Donald’s ex-wife had a sad demise on July 14, 2022, after reportedly falling down the stairs of her Manhattan apartment.

Mr. Trump was joined by Eric Trump, Melinda Trump, Ivanka Trump, and Barron Trump. While the family gathered at the church for the group photo, one thing became evident- Barron Trump’s staggering height.

Donald and Melinda’s only child, Barron, has undergone a serious transformation throughout the years. Here we have covered the truth about his towering height.

Barron Trump Has A Tall Height

Barron Trump stood alongside his father, Donald, and mother, Melinda, for a group photo. Although the sadness was mounted on his face due to Ivana’s demise, his towering height was quite visible.

Barron Trump is 2.1 m tall at just 15
Barron Trump is 2.1 m tall at just 15 (Credit: Getty Images/Michael M. Santiago)

At just 15, Barron stands 6 feet 7 inches tall, according to New York Post. He has a staggering height of 2 m and 0.66 cm tall.

Meanwhile, his parents looked dwarfed compared to his height. His father, Mr. Trump, is 6’3″, and his mother Melinda is just 5’11”.

Over Twitter, many users expressed their surprise at Barron’s towering height. One user noted, “I just saw a picture from Ivana Trump’s funeral and Barron Trump is so tall I thought he was standing on the steps behind the others. If he’s that tall at 16 I can’t imagine how much taller he’ll be in a few years.”

Meanwhile, the other user commented he still has room to grow taller. The user wrote, “Donald Trump is about 6’3″ isn’t he? And Melania is 5’11”? She’s wearing very high heels. Barron is on a short step of maybe 1″ but he towers over them. And he’ll likely get a bit taller still.”

He Stands Taller In Trump Family

Despite being a celebrity kid, Barron Trump makes a rare appearance in public. Due to that, he has not been caught by the paparazzi frequently.

Over the years, he has been spotted traveling with his family on rare occasions. Back in January 2020, when he was walking across the South Lawn at the White House with his parents, he was just a bit taller than his father.

Barron Trump with his father Donald Trump and mother Melinda Trump
Barron Trump with his father, Donald Trump, and mother, Melinda Trump, in January 2020 (Credit: Getty Images/Saul Loeb)

And now, Barron has stood a mammoth compared to his parents. He is even taller than Donald and Ivana’s son Eric Trump who is 6 feet 6 inches tall.

Donald Trump joked about his son, saying, “Eric is short — he’s only 6-foot-6” as he previously stood tall in Trump’s family. The ex-president added, “Barron is 6-foot-7, can you believe it? And he’s 15.”

His Love For Sports

Barron Trump is an avid athlete, and he loves sports. It may be one of the reasons for his ever-growing height of 2.1 m tall.

Speaking to Liberty University in 2018, Melinda said that her son Barron was “all into sports.” His love for sports was also evident in the White House as he wore the jersey of his favorite English premier league club, Arsenal Football Club.

He loves playing football as he was on the team roster for D.C. United under-12 team and played at the Arlington Soccer Association’s under-14 team.

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