Who is ‘My 600-lb Life’ Chrystal Rollins? Her tales of Weight Loss Journey struggles

Chrystal Rollins My 600 lbs Life

TLC’s My 600-lb Life documents the weight loss journey of morbidly obese individuals. One of them is Chrystal Rollins; she was recently featured on Season 9 in an episode titled ‘Chrystal’s Journey.’ She struggled with food addiction since the age of eight.

Though Rollins was aware of her food habits, it was only the source that made her relief from the trauma. By the time she graduated from the university, she had weighed 420 lbs. Nonetheless, she weighed 611 lbs while featuring on My 600-lb Life and dropped to 498 lbs.

Rollins’ weight loss journey is filled with struggles, but her achievement is quite an impressive tale.

Here is everything you need to know about Chrystal Rollins, from her sad tales of an abusive step-father and physical abuse from her boyfriend to her weight loss journey struggles.

Who Is Chrystal Rollins?

Chrystal Rollins, a 39-years-old single mom, featured on the Season 9 of TLC’s My 600-lb Life. Due to being obese, she depends on her two daughters Tatiana, 12, and Ivoriana, 14, to do daily chores. Her 611 lbs weight put her much strain as she needs an oxygen tank to breathe.

Chrystal Rollins and her daughters
Chrystal Rollins with her daughters Tatiana, 12, and Ivoriana, 14 (Credit: TLC)

As a child, Rollins couldn’t be around her parents, as her mother, Libby, was busy with graveyard shifts. After Libby got a boyfriend, Rollins moved towards her grandmother’s house, only to get abused by a family member. Her over-eating habits get triggered, and she hid her emotions under a thick facade.

After her mother’s remarriage, she was molested by her stepfather. But, she is close with her stepbrother Josh. He even helped Rollins and her daughter to shift to Texas from California.

As chronicled in the latest episode, her step-brother Josh was shocked to learn after she named her molester, meaww.com reports.

Chrystal Rollins and her step-brother Josh
Chrystal Rollins and her step-brother Josh (Credit: TLC)

Not only her family, but she also suffered an abusive relationship with her boyfriend. After high school, she dated a co-worker who physically abused her. According to soapdirt.com, Rollins even reported to the police and pressed charges on him ‘three’ or ‘four’ times. Nevertheless, the baby father of her two children ended up in jail.

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Tales Of Weight Loss Journey Struggles

Chrystal Rollins was 611 lbs when she weighed at Dr. Now’s clinic. She is following Dr. Now’s weight loss program and continuously works with her psychotherapist Matthew Paradise. With her hard work and preservation, Rollins shed her weight to 498 lbs in just eight months, but she came up with struggles.

In the first two months, she planned to lose her weight up to 60 lbs. However, she failed to meet her expectation, as she failed twice. Her lungs were in bad shape and to qualify for surgery at such a stage was nearly impossible.

So, Dr. Now became serious and admitted her to a controlled facility where she strictly follows 200-calories a day, exercise routine, and therapy. She constantly keeps on improving her health and has a weight loss of an impressive 114 lbs.

With each step, Rollins is now near to her goal as her stamina is becoming better. She even spent a day playing with her two teenage daughters at the park.

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