Glance Inside Hannah Berner Engagement With Boyfriend Des Bishop

Hannah Berner and Des Bishop Engagement
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Congratulations are pouring over Hannah Berner and her boyfriend, Des Bishop. The duo is officially engaged.

According to, Bishop, 45, popped the question to Berner, 29, during Valentine’s day 2021, to which she replied ‘Yes.’

Berner shared the details about their engagement to the outlet, stating:

“When we first started dating, Des would send me this really funny video, singing videos, that would make me laugh. On Valentine’s Day, I woke up and I had a video of him singing, which I hadn’t gotten since the summer. And then it ends with him being like, ‘I have a surprise for you.’ “

She revealed that Bishop then kneeled on his one knee and pulled the engagement ring towards his lady love, making ‘weird crying noises.’

Hannah Berner Engagement Ring

Berner also showcased the engagement ring on her Instagram, sharing their sweet snapshots. The Summer House star captioned, “Thanks for the engagement shoot mom!” before adding, “Love you @desbishop” in their lovely photo.

Her boyfriend Bishop bequeathed the 18-carat yellow gold band, which she described as “just perfect.”

The now-engaged couple is now looking forward to getting married soon, as noted by Berner.

They Start Dating After Five Years Of Fateful Encounter

Hannah Berner and her comedian boyfriend Des Bishop have been dating since July 2020. But it took them almost five years to start a relationship after their first encounter.

In her mid-October 2020 podcast with Not Skinny But Not Fat, Berner explained that she met Bishop in 2016 at the Comedy Cellar. Bishop, who grew up in New York, lived in Ireland. Berner, a New York native, felt that she would end up with a New Yorker. The duo followed each other on Instagram and became best friends in no time.

As explained by her in the podcast, during the summer, Berner asked her for a coffee. Although she was a COVID paranoid, she decided to join him for a coffee date and became fascinated with his sense of humor.

The couple had separate apartments in New York City, and Berner moved to his West Hampton home. After they started living together, the lovebirds tested their relationships. They even celebrated Christmas together, which Bishop showed on his Instagram captioning, “Christmas at the Bernes.”

Hannah Berner and Des Bishop
Hannah Berner celebrates Christmas with her boyfriend Des Bishop (Source: Instagram/Des Bishop)

Regardless of their 15-years age difference, the duo fell for each other, and the rest is history. The Summer House star explained that she prefers dating older guys, stating:

“Dating [Bishop] is great because he’s had like his career already. He jokes he’s like, I want you to be my sugar mama. And I’ll like golf and hang in the hot tub. He’s like, I’ll take care of the kids. I’m like, yes, that’s what I want. So I love the idea of dating an older guy who was like, wiser than me in a lot of ways and has lived a lot of things that I haven’t lived.”

Before Des Bishop, she was linked to Summer House actor Luke Gulbranson. Although they were getting cozy on the show, the duo was in a friend zone, but their current friendship status is a mystery, as reported by

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