Is Isabella Jane Cruise Adopted? Net Worth & Wedding Details

Isabella Jane Cruise

Isabella “Bella” Jane Cruise is the oldest daughter of Tom Cruise. She is the daughter of Nicole Kidman, who was associated with the Church of Scientology.

Despite being a celebrity kid, Bella doesn’t want to get the limelight in Hollywood. Instead, she prefers to stay low-key, residing in London with her husband, Max Parker.

Is Isabella Jane Cruise Adopted?

Isabella Jane Cruise is the adopted daughter of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. Her biological mother already had two children and had some financial constraints, which led her up for adoption.

At the time of her adoption, her foster parents were going through some difficulties due to Kidman’s miscarriage.

When she reached nine, she dealt with some psychological trauma as Cruise and Kidman divorced. She and her mother felt estranged as Isabella even stopped referring to Kidman as her ‘mum.’

After Kidman’s divorce from Cruise, she married Keith Urban and had two daughters before splitting in 2012. Meanwhile, Cruise married Katie Holmes, and Isabella maintained a cordial relationship with her father’s third wife.

Bella later reunited with her mother Kidman in 2016 in London. The emotional reunite led their relationship to prosper as she launched a fashion line including her mother’s name in 2018.

Meanwhile, Bella also maintains a cordial relationship with her father, Tom Cruise, and they are often seen spending quality time with each other. In addition, she has a brother named Connor Cruise, the second adopted child of Cruise and Kidman.

Net Worth Of Isabella Jane Cruise

Isabella Jane Cruise has a net worth of $5 million. The American celebrity kid is a fashion designer and a hairstylist. In addition, she is an owner of a clothing line, BKC- Bella Kidman Cruise.

She was interested in fashion from a young age, as she attended ‘Sassoon Academy’ where she completed her 12-month diploma in hairdressing. She also has a fashion line inspired by her estranged mother, Tiger King, and the COVID pandemic.

Wedding With Husband Max Parker

Bella and Max Parker got married on September 18, 2015. Their wedding was a secret as the couple walked down the aisle at Dorchester Hotel in London.

She definitely missed her parents at her Scientology secret wedding. The low-key nuptials had a limited number of guests, while both Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were not among the attendees.

The absence of her parents led to speculations that Bella had an estranged relationship with her father and mother. However, she has since denied such rumors.

While Cruise took care of all the wedding expenses of her daughter, Kidman, on the other hand, didn’t even know about Bella’s marriage. Nevertheless, Kidman later met her son-in-law when she had an emotional reunion with Bella in 2016.

Isabella Jane Cruise and her husband Max Parker
Isabella Jane Cruise and her husband, Max Parker (Credit: Backgrid)

As for now, Bella and her IT consultant husband, Max Parker, are living a low-key life staying away from the limelight. The couple resides in a semi-detached house in Croydon, London.

Before Parker, she had a brief relationship with Eddie Frencher. The former pair, who went public in January 2012, split in September 2013.

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