Heidi Klum’s Daughter Leni Klum: Things You Need To Know

Leni Klum

Leni Klum is the split image of her mother, Heidi Klum; the recent Instagram post proves it. In the gorgeous makeup-free selfie shared by teenage model Leni, the mother-daughter combo looked like twins. They were practically identical. What’s even more interesting is that their blond hair is of the same length.

Following her mother’s footsteps, Helene Boshoven Samuel, aka Leni Klum, recently debuted as a model featuring on the cover of Vogue Germany, January/February 2021 edition. According to People, Heidi, who felt proud of her daughter, admitted that being her daughter ‘is not easy’ since she never had the ‘possibility of growing like a normal.’

Regardless, Heidi is one of the proud mothers and is more than happy that Leni has chosen a modeling career. Describing the moment as ‘ALL NATURAL’ in the caption, the duo styled their fierce looks.

The career of Leni Klum as a supermodel is just beginning, and she is set to carry the legacy of her mother. Undoubtedly, the young newcomer is on par with her supermodel mother.

Today, we have extracted few things you need to know about Heidi Klum’s daughter, Leni Klum.

Seal Adopted Leni Klum After Heidi Separated With Leni’s Biological Father

It was 2003 when Heidi Klum started her relationship with Leni’s biological father, Flavio Briatore, an Italian businessman. The former couple made their relationship public in March 2003 but could not stay in term and parted their ways in December 2003, reports hollywoodlife.com.

Around the time of their split, Heidi was already pregnant with Leni. While Flavio was not around the time of Leni’s birth, Seal stepped up as the stepfather. Heidi’s now-ex-husband Seal legally adopted her in December 2009.

Flavio also approved Seal to adopt Leni. According to dailymail.co.uk, in his interview with Italy’s Il Corriere della Sera, he said:

“Leni is my natural daughter, but the three of us happily agreed that it made more sense if Seal adopted her, because a child needs to grow up in a family.”

He even allowed to change Leni’s name to Helene Samuel. But it doesn’t mean that the 70-years-old Italian businessman is estranged from his daughter.

Flavio had a reunion with Leni at the Cala di Volpe hotel in Porto Cervo in July 2018, as reported by TMZ. The outlet further confirmed Heidi and her three other kids were there, and the family was ‘happy and having fun.’

Leni Klum Revealed Her Boyfriend During Valentine’s Day

Heidi Klum’s 16-years-old daughter Leni Klum has already found love. She revealed her boyfriend for the very first time on Valentine’s Day 2021. And the guy who stole her heart is Aris Rachevsky, the 18-years-old Los Angeles Junior Kings ice hockey player.

She shared Valentine’s tribute to her Instagram story sharing a photo embracing Aris captioning “Happy Valentine’s Day” and “I love you.”

Leni Klum boyfriend Aris Rachevsky
Leni Klum revealed her boyfriend, Aris Rachevsky, during Valentine’s 2021 (Credit: Instagram/Leni Klum)

Meanwhile, Aris also shared a cheeky photo on which he showed his love writing, “happy Valentine’s Day baby.”

Just a few days before she revealed her boyfriend, she and Aris were spotted enjoying a shopping date. The lovebirds strolled around a local market in Hollywood, as per dailymail.co.uk.

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