Why Did KTLA Fire Anchor Mark Mester? Is He Getting Married?

Mark Mester
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The weekend morning news on KTLA 5 will not be the same as Mark Mester has been fired from the CW affiliate station. After eight years of serving as an anchor on the KTLA 5 Weekend Morning News, he will no longer be in the company.

During his tenure with KTLA, he reported the news from the Los Angeles area working with talented veterans. He co-hosted the KTLA 5 News covering the important news event.

He joined the Los Angeles station back in May 2014. His suspension came after the departure of his long-time co-anchor Lynette Romero.

Why Did KTLA Fire Him?

KTLA fired Mark Mester after he went off-script on his segment on September 18 broadcast. The news anchor apologized to his viewers for the mismanaged exit of his co-anchor Lynette Romero. He noted Romero’s abrupt departure as ‘rude,’ ‘cruel,’ and ‘inappropriate.’

Mark Mester and his co-anchor Lynette Romero on KTLA 5 News
Mark Mester and his co-anchor Lynette Romero on KTLA 5 News (Credit: Instagram/Mark Mester)

His co-anchor Romero departed with KTLA on September 14 after serving with the station for 24 years. On Twitter, KTLA announced that the Emmy-award-winning anchor left the station to ‘pursue another opportunity.’

According to Los Angeles Times, the station sources who prefer to stay anonymous revealed Romero wanted to change her shift as a weekday anchor to spend more time with her family. However, KTLA denied her request.

Reportedly, Romero wasn’t even allowed to greet goodbye to her KTLA viewers during her exit. Mester further revealed on his broadcast that she didn’t get her deserved farewell, and they owe an apology to Romero.

After he showed his support for his departed colleague, Mester was fired from the station in the afternoon on September 22. Moreover, KTLA also removed Mester’s and Romero’s bio from their online staff list.

Mark Mester’s Career And Salary

Mester is a native of Budapest, Hungary, who migrated to the United States in 1986. He started his professional career joining NBC News. He then worked for the KCR TV station before relocating to Santa Barba, California, to join KEYT TV as a reporter.

Mester then went to Los Angeles and worked for KTLA 5 News in 2014. He served with the station for eight years before getting fired in September 2022.

According to salary.com, KTLA news anchor has an average salary of $44,812. Given his eight-year stint with the station, he likely received an above-average salary.

Is He Getting Married?

HollywoodMask reports that Mark Mester is in a relationship with EMT locale Isabella Murr. The sources have even speculated about them being married.

However, as of now, neither Mester nor Murr has commented anything about their relationship status. His rumored girlfriend Murr has a private Instagram account, while Mester has not shared photos with her.

Their current dating status remains unknown.

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